IT Network Connectivity and Access

Network Connectivity and Access

Today, business models need more distributed system infrastructures and workforce that are located at different geographies, actually they increasingly become dependent to the usage of broader supply chain networks. Up-to-dateness become important in electronical data flow, during the size and amount of the data transferred continuously grows bigger in parallel with the increase in number of the users that access the contents that are enriched by the mixture of data, voice and video, while the intensity of real-time transactions increases. Continuous and high quality intercommunication between the suppliers, partners and customers is now a must for service oriented architectures and web based application providers. Today, work performance is grounded on the network performance as it hasn’t been ever before and the reliability is a crucial parameter for the continuity of business.

We stand by you with our comprehensive portfolio which consists of versatile switching, routing and termination units as well as our seasoned experiences over project engineering and the deployment, in order to let you acquire a newtwork infrastructure that delivers the necessary feature sets and resilience for your business objectives within a reasonable investment.

We can seamlessly design the substructure of your services which can receive hundered thousands of concurrent requests and that are in need of extreme throughput capabilities. We can plan the transmission infrastructures and the entire data traffic between the networks of your headquarters, branch offices, subsidiary companies or facilities and even your business partners located at different geographies, to let you manage your services smoothly.

Three essential elements are the key to the existence of your business in the global arena and its success;

Interconnecting – Connectivity of the corporate devices between each other
Internetworking – Connectivity of your business to the world
Private Networking – Connectivity of your customers and employees to your network

While we blue-print this trio, we don’t only take the internal dynamics into account but also the network interaction of the components at higher layers (Layer4-Layer7), too.

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, our experienced team which have fulfilled the design and deployment of the infrastructures of top ecommerce and internet enterprises that have 10 Gbps. gateways, can now let you acquire an overall network infrastructure perfectly matching your business demands. By also incorporating state-of-the-art technologies into the physical or logical sub-network layers, we can enable you host all sort of external services faster and safer than any of their kinds. Concerning the utilization of today’s advanced communication technologies such as fiberoptics, laseroptics, copper or broadband wireless access, we prepare and offer alternative concepts including hybrid topologies that unfold the cost advantages/disadvantages and efficiency ratios of different approaches that will serve you to acquire the similar capabilites regarding your local (LAN) and wide (WAN/MAN) area network needs. We don’t focus on a single line or a node during our designs. Conversely, we act with acumen intending a complete solution all along the line and we give support not only in particular stages but also at the time of all these following processes;

  • Planning (Analysis of objectives, determination of the technologies and protocols required inside the project, elaboration of technical specifications regarding the network devices and sub-components that will constitute the solution)
  • Design (Composing the physical and logical topologies, overviewing the strategies by editing the nodes on blueprints, completing the calculations for redundant energy/air conditioning capacities and “U” spaces)
  • Procurement (Submitting offers for solutions and products that stand inside the authorized topology, tracking the orders including the subsidiary products, delivery, tracking the necessary physical data link circuits and establishments)
  • Positioning and mounting (Positioning and fixing the solutions according to the relevant standards of working conditions and cabling ranges)
  • Cabling, termination and equipment organizations (Powering the system on after whole energy and network connections are organized inside and outside the rack cabinets)
  • Configuration (Performing the complete Layer2-Layer3 configuration tasks such as switching, VLAN, static ve dynamic routing, symmetrical/asymmetric routing methodologies and the integrations between each network nodes)
  • Load-balancing and redundancy configurations (Putting the complementary protocols into service such as HSRP and VRRP)
  • Physical and logical security configurations (Completing the configuration of the authorization rules and precautionary measures regarding the physical and virtualized access derivatives individually on each solution, while handling and completing them centralized on environmental security nodes)
  • Complementary configurations (Configurations concerning the environmental medias, NIC Teaming | LAG – Link aggregation, etc.)
  • Performance | stress tests, debugging and performance fine-tuning
  • Monitoring (Accomplishing the configurations concerning SNMP, Nagios or 3rd party monitoring applications)

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