Sezgin at Demirkazik

Sezgin Bayrak

Founder, Sezgin Bayrak was born in 1974

He graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering. He received his postgraduate MBA degree over Production Management and Marketing.

Sacrificing appreciably much time, his versatile and multidisciplinary approach to information and communication technologies maintained by his constant attention to interaction between different types of system components has leaded him to gain expriences over various branches of today’s major computer and communication systems such as optical interconnecting and internetworking, unix, security, PKI, Microsoft Technologies, web and database applications, performance and optimization, FSO and so forth.

Technical and management expertise in a career spanning 18+ years covers particularly the overall design, startup, construction and management phases of ICT infrastructures for internet and application service providers, banks and e-commerce sites where high capacity, performance and security is a must. As a short glance to his achievement highlights, he took place in construction of TEB Communications, initiative of one of the largest banks in Turkey, in 2000 as a network manager and participated in startup of the largest B2C enterprise of Turkey as a co-founder and served as a chief technical person in charge in 2003. Then he consecutively desgined and constructed other significant online shopping stores, as well as media portal infrastructure, which was 39th in TR traffic ranking, ~3200th in global traffic ranking.

Now he's providing consulting services to key entites from different sectors through